All children (Year R to Year 9) are invited to join our FREE Children’s Singing Club taking place every Monday, after school, 4-5pm, at the Rye Creative Centre.   This club is free as it is sponsored by The Fairlight Arts Trust.   Mrs. Marian Ham is the Singing Club Teacher (a semi-retired Head Teacher and a part-time singing and piano teacher).  This Children’s Singing Club is great fun, it is fully inclusive therefore open to any child/student who would like to sing with us.   The club has performed at local venues, and has further exciting opportunities to sing in the community throughout 2023. (However, no child/student has to perform at events if they would rather not – attendance at the club is still warmly welcomed for everyone.)

We sing a wide range of songs each week, children can sing solos if they wish, we sing in harmony – and most of all, we enjoy singing together!

For further information please contact Marian by email:

(There is ample free car parking on the Rye Creative Centre site.)

2023 Singing Club poster