From a very early age I have always enjoyed singing and playing the piano, first with my
family at home and then at school. My parents sang in the church choir and I sang with
them once I was old enough. I remember many singing times at home around the piano,
with family and friends, which are very fond memories.

I trained as a Primary School Teacher and taught for 40 years, with music always being a
subject I led in all my schools, including leading the school choirs. Enthusing children with
music and singing, and seeing the many benefits it has for individuals, is hugely rewarding.
My choirs entered local competitions, sang in the local communities, sang in several
concerts, and the school shows were a highlight every year. As a music teacher, and Head
Teacher, it is hugely rewarding to discover children’s hidden talents and witness their self-
confidence grow through taking part in musical activities – not forgetting the fun and
enjoyment music brings to each individual.

I retired from teaching in 2016 and was delighted to find out about The Music Well, and be
invited to start a fully inclusive Children’s Singing Club. This is an absolute joy for me,
meeting with the children weekly, singing a wide range of songs together and having
musical fun! Children from 4 years old upwards, and into secondary school sing together.
It is a friendly, fun and joyful club, and we sing together in unison, with harmonies and
children can sing a solo or duet if they wish. It is remarkable how children’s singing voices
improve and their self-confidence develops through singing in a club or choir. I love it and
so do the children!

In addition to the children’s singing club, life in semi-retirement seems to gets busier and
busier! I teach piano and singing in two local schools and at home, play the piano at church
each week and sing in the choir, and I am a governor of two local schools. Life in retirement
is full of musical joy, a chance to spend more time with family and friends, and catch up on a
range of other interests I have, how lucky I am.

When the “Music Well Anthem” was especially composed for the children and adults by
Nick, in January, we were thrilled to learn this uplifting song, and work towards singing it
with the adult singing group. Never did we then imagine what this would lead to – a trip to a
recording studio to record the song, create a CD and go on you-tube; the children have felt
like pop stars! It has been a true privilege to work with Nick and Alison, and learn a
beautiful “Music Well Anthem” which has brought tears of joy to many – and, no doubt, will
continue to do so for a very long time.

Intergenerational singing has now begun at The Music Well! 2023 has become an even
more exciting year for The Music Well. Intergenerational singing is rewarding and uplifting
for both groups of singers. We are looking forward to our first ever Intergenerational
singing concert on 2 nd July – the concert will end with a live performance of the Anthem
“SINGING”, which will be a very proud, and emotional, moment for all involved. Thank you
to Nick, Alison the adult singers, the children and families, and a special thank you to The
Music Well.