A question I gently dread. I generally say that I am a hit man for the Mafia
which is usually a conversation stopper.
The reason for my fib is that if the questioner is really interested, the answer is

Since my twenties, I was a conductor, composer and arranger in the
commercial music scene – that is for film, TV and pop records. It’s a niche and
back-room job, hence my reticence to answer truthfully.
The music you hear when you go the cinema or watch TV or listen to your
favourite record – I probably had something to do with it.
From Oasis to Madonna to David Bowie to Shakespeare in Love to Billy Elliot – I
had a hand in them all.

My second question to avoid is “well what have you done that I would know?”
My cowardly answer is either to feign bad memory or mention my web site –

My parents moved to Brede in the 1970’s and I fell in love with Rye and the
surrounding area, when visiting them
So, when I retired, I moved firstly to Winchelsea and then to Camber where I
now live.

Music is still my passion, so I’m especially pleased to be involved in The Music
Well in Rye and particularly with the singing groups. Under Music Well’s
umbrella we recently produced a CD of an anthem that I had composed.
I am now thinking of putting together a small band – The Music Well Fun Band.
The clue is in the title – it is strictly for enjoyment and it’s for everyone. If you
play ANY instrument at ANY level and at ANY age, please come along and join
the fun.
This is not starting till September so I will be sending out reminders nearer the